You are the owner of a small medium size business

Whatever your business, trade or profession in order for your business to function you are going to have to engage/communicate with other people

1 There are those with whom you are, or would like to, conduct a business relationship

2 There are those on whom you rely for your services and raw materials, your suppliers

3 There are those on whom you rely to gain new business for you
(Research and Development, Marketing, Sales)

4 There are those on whom you rely to either manufacture or make ready for delivery the goods    and or services to those with whom you conduct business
(Logistics, Warehousing, Supply chain network , Materials management)

5 There are those on whom you rely to administer the business flow, including after sales service

6 There are those on whom you rely to manage the various departments and teams running items 3, 4 and 5

7 There is your Senior Management team

8 There is your Board of Directors

9 There is your Life Partner and your family

10 There is YOU

Now consider the number of different personalities/behavioural styles who are brought together to fulfil a team role.

Accessinf the International Business language of DISC through DISCUS you are able to identify those various personalities/behavioural styles and blend them into a harmonious force, for increased company profits. You will aslo drastically reduce profit seepage from the bottom line.

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