What is your Company Story Line? What part do you play? Do you know your lines?

The corporate script from which the corporate style and culture emanate has usually developed quite spontaneously over a period of years and is more often than not a manifestation of the Board’s and the Chief Executive’s value system.

A settled organisation with few, if any, higher level executive changes over the years may well have developed a script which is out of touch with the commercial world, as it is in 2018.

Running a check on your script is a valuable and often enlightening experience.

Companies who favour short-term CEO or main board member contracts will of course experience huge internal style and culture conflicts.

The negative effect on the other players in the piece, board members and junior admin staff alike, can be commercially disastrous.

The corporate script must be agreed by all, understood by all and each and every player must be personally motivated to act out their role to the very best of their ability.

Then and only then may you experience the true advantage of Corporate Magnetic Energy.

Perhaps you should look carefully at your existing script.

Is yours the script for a Victorian Melodrama, A Thriller, A Comedy, A Greek Tragedy or maybe even a Farce!

If would like identify or to re write your Company Script, we may be able to help.

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