Why do so many companies suffer from ‘Purpose’ and in parallel ‘Mission Statement Drift’ and subsequently miss the associated objectives?

It may be because:
Many of the employees are not well suited to the role they are expected to fulfil.
A number of the employees are totally unsuited to the role they are expected to fulfil.

Maybe some employees are already thinking about leaving.

Perhaps some are even attending interviews for other jobs.

Probably a number of talented key employees have already resigned.
The revolving door of employee turnover is a sure sign of a lack of Employee and subsequent Corporate wellness.

The first step to Corporate Wellness is to ensure that, the process for selection and on–boarding of new talent, is fit for purpose.

Pay the Price of Elite Selection and Role Matching, UPFRONT of Your Own Volition
Pay the Price later which is uncontrollable and the final total cost unknown.

A detailed Behavioural JOB Role Profile Signature when matched with an Accurate good fit Candidate Behavioural Profile Signature = Career Wellness which in turn leads to Corporate Wellness

Initially identify the key roles within the organisation.

Identifying the job role behavioural signature adds clarity to how the organisation wants the output of that role delivered to the customer of that role, be they internal or external.

Matching the Natural Behavioural Style Signature of the Employee with the identified Role Profile Signature is a critical ‘must do’ to avoid employee/role dissonance.

Will the role be best fulfilled by someone who has, drive, an independent streak and charisma?
Would it be better served by someone with patience, an eye for accuracy and efficiency?

For example, compare the following sales roles regardless of the product offering:
Sales technical
Sales non technical
Sales where leads are provided
Sales where leads are not provided

Then there are the administrative roles, accounting and finance roles, research and development roles, training, staff development, human resource, and a myriad of other tangential roles to be fulfilled.

It is possible with modern scientifically proven technology and software to create the specific finely tuned behavioural/personality attributes required by the ideal job holder and to match them with candidates whose natural style fits them perfectly for the role. Obviously the candidate must also be seen to possess the specific skills and qualifications for the job.

Most organisations only find out AFTER they have hired someone who this person REALLY is, that the newbie’s natural style, and way of doing things is just not good fit for the role, for the team or for the organisation.

Yes they have all the technical skills and qualifications BUT they are in fact a square peg in a round hole…… result, they either have to be found a different role, or you lose them altogether.

That equates with a financial haemorrhage off the bottom line

Does it not make sense to take full advantage of the instruments that are available in order to reduce the huge amount of profit seepage through job mismatching, poor selection, employee unrest and communication breakdown?

Many organisations are blissfully unaware of just how much this is costing on a daily basis.

If you employ the use of these instruments you craft not only individual EMPLOYEE CAREER WELLNESS but also overall CORPORATE WELLNESS.

Happy workforce doing the jobs they love equals successful organisation/
we provide working platforms for the harmonious development of Corporate Wellbeing.

Please make contact and we will be happy to share ideas which may save you many thousands in profit seepage from your bottom line.

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