Ian Kennedy
Sales Director,

Handepay Ltd

Malcolm is the best leader I have ever met, unique ability to motivate people and get everyone pulling in the same direction.

His main role was as a rugby coach but he was more than that to the players who played for him.

A reliable, honest and inspiring individual, without a doubt the best man manager I have worked under, he possesses the skills to get the best out of every personality in the team whilst striving for wins in a tough environment.

Malcolm is still a person I would call for advice on business and leadership, we wanted to win, but we wanted to win for him. I am sure anyone in any business would benefit from working with Malcolm if you manage people he is worth speaking to.

Richard Elwell
Richard has over 29 years in training experience and continuous CIPD. He founded Ethical Influence in 2005.

When choosing a route to find an assessment tool that not only works but carries some sort of tangible value, it helps if you can find a partner you trust.

Malcolm continues to and has been astonishingly supportive from the outset, he has not only guided me in learning more about the process but has become a voice and a face I trust. On deciding to train with Malcolm we agreed I would travel to him, yet again the support and thought given was amazing, right the way through from collecting me from the airport to getting my head around the technical detail needed to become a certified analyst.

In short, PDA is a fantastic tool but without the support Malcolm has given me I would not have bothered to continue with the process, he was to me, at the time of my accreditation, MR. PDA. A man I choose to use as my ‘go to person’ for behavioural assessment knowledge.


Jenny Tower
Personal Performance/Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Youth Coach, Golf Psychology Coach, Thought Field Therapist, DISC Behavioural Profiling Practitioner

I originally met Malcolm in a professional capacity, as my trainer and mentor…….. and now I consider him a friend and go-to for professional guidance.

Malcolm is personable, interesting, knowledgeable, professional and an inspiration to me and others. Malcolm’s confidence is easily absorbed – he has encouraged me to take on challenges and believe in my ability to succeed. He has a charisma, energy and enthusiasm that is contagious.

I am so pleased to have been trained/mentored/coached by Malcolm. He has taught me so much!

John Mulholland
Over the last 25 years, John has worked with many of Northern Ireland’s leading organisations (government, the private sector, and third sector)

John is Managing Director of PDQ LTD

Malcolm is a wonderful mentor with a wealth of experience he is accessible professional and pragmatic. Malcolm has forgotten more about Behavioural profiling tools such as DISC and PDA than most of us will ever care to learn. Nonetheless, he willingly shares his expertise and insights.

Ivan Yong

Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management

Ivan is the Founder & Organizational Psychologist of Teleos Global, a psychometric assessment company instrumental in strategizing and executing Fortune 500 human capital strategy.

Malcolm, is an immensely experienced HR practitioner who is able to provide insights into an organisational needs which are sound in theory yet practical. He is also able to bring about strategic consultancy solutions for companies which transcend generational gaps within talents in any company. Malcolm’s integrity and industriousness are second to none.


Elizabeth Wray MBPsS M.ed
Licensed Psychologist at Jigsaw Executive & Career Coaching in private practice

Malcolm is an experienced patient and extremely experienced coach and mentor someone who I would trust and value in the consulting space.

His knowledge of personality profiling systems and the application into a business context is extensive measuring process of evidence-based learning at each stage ensuring satisfaction I always felt in safe hands learning over Skype.

Thank you for setting me up for success in my own business context and continuing to be a much-valued mentor and friend. I would recommend Malcolm most highly for his business ethics knowledge creativity and skills always a pleasure to work with.

Be sure to contact me Malcolm – themsm@gmail.com
www.msmcommercial.com www.msmadvisorpanel.com
Skype ‘discmaster’