It’s all about the ACK

ACK is a risk management protocol.

When entering the arena of recruitment and selection you are faced with an array of blind alleyways, dead ends and cul-de-sacs and signposts that lead nowhere.

Even for the most experienced front line manager, (who so often has the first stage recruitment/selection responsibility dumped on them), dealing with interview savvy candidates can be a nightmare.

A behavioural profiling assessment however tells it like it is.

Yes, yes! I know that there will be many of you who have little time for such instruments.

They do though give you detailed insight to work with that will guard you against financial loss and save you from embarrassment and criticism when your latest ‘world beating’ recruit fails and you have to let them go after two or three months.

Now you have to go through the whole process again to replace the last selection error.

There is a better way!

How may you guard yourself against a repeat performance?

Real time Advanced Candidate Knowledge is a far more reliable foundational source of information to work from than a magnificent CV written by an expert CV writer.

Certainly far more reliable and factual than the glowing references laid before you which often serve to deceive as they may well have been produced in order to avoid a previous employer being sued by an aggressive ex employee.

Maybe now is good time to re consider the potential value of a behavioural profiling instrument.

Why not contact me now and complete a DISCUS assessment now, so you may ‘face value’ the output, the deliverables, for yourself.

You just may have a pleasant surprise in store.

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