Understanding Behaviour through the Universal Language of DISC

Driven by their ‘at birth’ hard-wired temperament, behaviour, is the outward manifestation of an individual’s reaction to their perception of their current environment.

Understanding one’s own behavioural responses to everyday issues is a key step to self-awareness. Once you understand accept and respect your own behavioural style range, (personality if you like), you are empowered to build stronger and more meaningful communications with others.

The next step is to learn to understand accept and respect the behavioural responses of others, whose behavioural style is very different from your own. This promotes harmony, inclusiveness and diversity.

To discover and truly understand yourself and how your own behavioural style impacts on others simply complete a DISCUS questionnaire. This will take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

How do we go about creating a profile of a personality? We start, naturally enough, with a questionnaire: a set of questions structured to focus on certain key elements. For DISC, these questionnaires typically consist of a series of just twenty-four questions, and each question offers a choice of four different options.

The person answering the questions chooses two of these options, one that best represents their behaviour, and one that’s least relevant to their general approach. Once we have those answers, they can be rated and calculated to produce a set of results. With an automated DISC system like DISCUS, of course, this is all done automatically.

An obvious question here might be: How can we measure an entire personality with just four factors like this? In fact, we can’t, but what DISCUS does do, is focus on a series of key traits that directly affect a person’s behaviour and performance.

There will always be other factors to consider – notably things like experience and knowledge – but DISC focuses on more fundamental questions about the ways a person will naturally react in different situations.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the technicalities behind DISC, I am able to take you through a fully detailed generic online course that explains DISC from first principles. This is a course best completed in three or four sessions, each of three hours, via Skype. 

Bear in mind though that you don’t actually need to understand the technicalities behind DISC to use it. DISCUS takes care of the interpretation for you, with an advanced expert system that produces a behavioural/personality profile in plain language.

For full course details please make contact via:
+44 208 144 4446
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