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That is it!!! If a niggling voice keeps asking you “But what if”, then you should pay heed. When I have personally ignored that self-protective voice, which has my best interests at heart, guess what? I should never have, but did, and lived to regret it. How about you? To contact me Malcolm S Milligan: […]

Manage Inputs to stop agonising over Outputs!

The International Language of DISC, is the catalytic ingredient for hugely successful corporate effectiveness. All life and business could be described as a series of Transactions where the one offers and the other receives. When both mutually benefit as a result of the transaction (whether the transaction was intended or not, whether verbal, written or […]


Effective team coaching is the fine thread of liquid gold linking together individual blocks of talent and ability within a group of people brought together to achieve a given objective. Professional team coaches are to be found in any number through a simple ‘team coaching’ search on the Internet. The methodologies proposed and the fees […]


Driven by their ‘at birth’ hard-wired temperament, behaviour, is the outward manifestation of an individual’s reaction to their perception of their current environment. Understanding one’s own behavioural responses to everyday issues is a key step to self-awareness. Once you understand accept and respect your own behavioural style range, (personality if you like), you are empowered […]

The GENIE is within you!

Most people have heard of if not read the wonderful Arabian Nights story of Aladdin and his search for a lamp that had magic properties. One rub of this elusive lamp and a Genie appears who would fulfil any wish that the possessor of the lamp wanted to make. Most people would probably agree that […]