The GENIE is within you!

Most people have heard of if not read the wonderful Arabian Nights story of Aladdin and his search for a lamp that had magic properties.

One rub of this elusive lamp and a Genie appears who would fulfil any wish that the possessor of the lamp wanted to make.

Most people would probably agree that they would like to have a lamp like that.

Aladdin was offering new lamps for old in an effort to find the magic lamp.

We suggest that it would pay people to do the opposite and swop their old minds, the ones that have become cluttered, confused and often worn out, for fresh, clean new ones.

This may at first sound somewhat fanciful even outrageous but it really isn’t such a farfetched idea at all.

OK, perhaps one would not actually be exchanging the mind but rather discovering and bringing into play new mental phases and faculties that were there all the time but had lain dormant, unrecognised and unused.

The process of releasing the Genie within.

The Genie who could indeed make all a person’s wishes come true, is within the capability of almost everyone.

A great many people, no matter their station in life, are unhappily locked in to their unfulfilled lives.

They encounter failure and from that failure begin to fashion a negative self image which then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy thus committing them to a life of unhappiness, bitterness and delusion.

A most important self discovery such people have to make and accept about themselves is that they can take charge so that THEY may be in control of their future.

Are you ready to release the GENIE within?

This will introduce you to the core base of the Blueprint for Life that is ‘How to Master Your Destiny’


M, S Milligan
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